Having too many political parties said to harm voters

Human rights an issue in new US funding support to the Philippines

Eruption, Lahar, and Resilience


Government attacks against the media: an updated timeline

Media watchdogs say it's part of the Duterte administration's attacks against Philippine media.

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Pinoy Ako Blog WRONGLY claims WHO, EU and US all ‘trust’ Dengvaxia

So far, only the EU endorsed it.

Having too many political parties said to harm voters

In the Philippines, which borrowed many political traditions from its American colonizer, voters in…

Media groups, academe join forces in election fact-checking initiative

Tsek.ph is an online collaborative fact-checking project for the midterm polls.



PWD Files

Evacuation centers, relief goods not PWD-inclusive

PWDs left behind in Marikina’s disaster preparedness efforts

The benefits of hiring PWDs, as told by companies

DIY shelters for the ‘Big One’ not PWD-inclusive

Earth Files

Eruption, Lahar, and Resilience

​Keeping the Aeta Culture Alive

A newbie hiker’s guide to Mt Pinatubo

​Filipino IT experts hope NASA announces Space Challenge winners as U.S. government operations resume


Artists channel the Masters

F.V. Coching: The Line Takes Over, Basta!

​Monologues that address EJKs

FlorCruz on Chinese Media: From small birdcage to a bigger bird cage

How To Read Hau Chiok: 60 Years of Chinese Painting

The girl on fire

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